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    W Bali, Seminyak
  • “We Came! We Saw! We loved”

    W Bali, Seminyak
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    W Bali, Seminyak
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  • The St. Regis, Singapore

See It! Feel It! Love It!

Trendy Explore will help you to plan a super wonderful-luxe holiday with your family or loved one to a luxury trendy destination.

 Get a chance yourself to know more about many cultures and wonder with stunning beauty on earth. Trendy Explore gives luxury Packages & deals with the world’s best accommodation, sightseeing, budget prices, and offers & deals.

You have to do is just book your dream package with Trendy Explore, we tailored your travel dreams come true with luxury surprises.

Good! Better! Best!

Trendy Explore whole epigraph is to provide tailor-made Luxury Tours & Travel Packages.

अतिथि देवो भव:

“The guest is equivalent to God”

Tourism in India attracts lots of tourists around the globe; India is blessed with world acclaimed tourist destinations. 

Depending on the sacred destination in India, Trendy Explore provides a tailored-made Lavish list of deals & packages with India’s super luxurious accommodations, sightseeing, and hospitality.

You just plan your vacation, book with Trendy Explore and live life like king style.


Yes! Yes! You Can Travel…

  • Trendy Explore is constantly looking for the ways to make your Luxe-Holiday as Trendy (according to travel Trends) as possible to Explore (thoroughly explore your travel Destination).
  • Trendy Explore only Aim is to provide our travelers, the best luxury deals and packages around the globe, economically.
  • Trendy Explore understand your travel vacations, we tailored your holidays on a new horizon of Luxury.
  • Trendy Explore negotiates with hotels and resorts around the world, and deliver the best deal to our traveler.
  • Trendy Explore, is a value for money. Our ultimate motive is to provide a luxurious life to our traveler within the best price.
  • Trendy Explore commits to delivering the state of great comfort & elegance; we use words like ‘Magnificence’ and that definitely counts for richness.
  • Trendy Explore offers exclusive rates for Luxe-Hand-Picked tailored made deals, compare our deals anywhere, Promise we are reasonable than others.
  • For great travel offers, packages and deals, you are one step away. Just sign up at Trendy Explore and have best deals & packages, and many more to amaze you.

Smile! Travel is a Free Therapy…

Travel blogs are the best way to know about places – like its vicinity, their local food, their market, and their social-culture phenomena. Trendy Explore blogs thoroughly explain to our traveler the do’s and don’t about their dream destination.

Trendy Explore each blog is dedicated to resolving all queries and spread knowledge.

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We had a wonderful holiday at Dubai in January this year, through the Trendy Explore. No problems at all. Received all the added extras, and there seemed to be a lot on the same deal as us. I would have no hesitation in using them again!

Dr Jagdish Kumar Lunyal

I first time booked any hotel via an online platform. I booked for my goa trip, hotel named ‘W Resort’ and had a great experience book with Trendy Explore, they offered a very large discount. When we reach hotel we crosscheck exact price and yes we got a great discount from online booking for sure. They are very particular about customer query, and also they take care of your booking completely.

Rahul Raj Sharma

Booked Hotel via Trendy Explore for my trip,
Variety of options, easy web interface and hassle-free interactions for any query and information.
Recommended for booking luxury hotels without any hassle.

siddhartha srivastava

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