17 Things You Should Try in Rishikesh To make worth your trip

Rishikesh, the beginning step to The Himalayas. With spirituality dominating the air around Rishikesh, the mystical town of Rishikesh has become to be known as the Yoga capital of the world; no wonder The Beatles and British monarch visited Rishikesh to meditate too!

There are tons of exiting things to do in Rishikesh bu people oftel think that this great pleace is only for youga and

River rafting.

Rishikesh has become one of the hottest hubs for adventure sports too, water sports being one of the major ones.So Here are the 17 Things You Should do or places to visit in Rishikesh to make your trip worth.


#1. River rafting

things to do in rishikesh tour

River rafting is the thing you should try.(apart from that many people die every year.)


#2. Aarti at Har ki Pauri Ghats

things to do in rishikesh tour

Seeing Ganga aarti at Aarti at Har ki Pauri Ghats will definitely worth.

#3. Camping

things to do in rishikesh tour

This is the best part.You can explore Rishikesh in a diffrent way.

#4. Rishkund

things to do in rishikesh tour

Known as the Pond of Sages, Rishikund is an artificial pond surrounded by steps on all sides.

#5. Byasi

things to do in rishikesh tour

Image source: rishikesh.wildhawk.in

Rishikesh is abundant with adventure ports, however, they are all in different locations of the town. So the rescuer here is a place called Byasi, about an hour’s drive from main Rishikesh city, Byasi is the hub of all adventure sports, all at one place.

#6. Osho Ganga Dham Ashram

things to do in rishikesh tour

Image source:oshogangadham.org

Founded by Osho, Indian spiritual guru, and teacher, this Ashram is where you can learn some Osho Active Meditation techniques that can help you think better. You can simply relax and enjoy the lush surroundings or maybe take a walk in the adjoining oasis.

#7. A dip in the Holy Ganga

things to do in rishikesh tour

Image source: loupiote.com

A trip to Rishikesh can never be complete without a dip the waters of Ganga.

#8. Vashishtha Caves

things to do in rishikesh tour

Image source: shravanam.blogspot.com

The caves or gufa, named after the sage (rishi) Vashishta (son of Lord Brahma), who mediated here are a popular attraction for people who visit Rishikesh. People meditate here and according to them, find tranquillity.

#9. Swarg Ashram

things to do in rishikesh tour

Image source: wikimapia.org

Swarg Ashram’s literary meaning is heavenly abode and true to its word, this is a beautiful place amidst the flowing Ganga and the rocky terrain. Apt for meditation, this place has its own aura that transforms you into some other world.

#10. George Everest House

things to do in rishikesh tour

Image source: flickr.com

People generally hike up all the way through the George Everest Mountain to witness the breath-taking view, and of course the George Everest House, a little minaret. But the view is going to be one of the must-have experienc.

#11. Neelkanth Mahadev Temple

things to do in rishikesh tour

Neelkanth is one other name for Lord Shiva, and this temple is dedicated to him. Situated a little away from Rishikesh, this temple has mythological importance due to the legend that Lord Shiva consumed the poison that emerged after churning the seas. Visit to know more!

#12. Ananda in The Himalayas

things to do in rishikesh tour

If you are the one to splurge on the holiday, this property is for you. This is essentially the converted property of the Royal Palace of Narendra Nagar, where even Lord Mountbatten once resided. They have indulgent packages of international spa therapies and professionals to guide you for the correct yoga asanas.

#13. Ayurvedic tonics and teas

things to do in rishikesh tour

There are a few restaurants in Rishikesh that make up their own herbal teas and tonics using Ayurvedic ingredients and herbs; a must try experience when in Rishikesh.

#14. Local shopping

things to do in rishikesh tour

Just like any other destination, you’ll find many shops here, selling curios, bronze relics, aromatic incenses, and other exotic things. Since this place is flocked a lot by foreigners, prices will be a little exaggerated, nothing a good haggler cannot overcome.

#15. Meditate to live music

things to do in rishikesh tour

Image source: nadyoga.org

Swarg Ashram offers this group activity where live music plays and you meditate on it. They play different tempos of music for different type. When you calm your senses, light, soft tunes are played and the tempo increases when there is slow movement. All this is bound to increase your concentration power.

#16. Yogic purification

things to do in rishikesh tour

Yogic purification is an activity that takes place at the Swarg Ashram where your body and mind are cleansed from the within and detoxified. Not only does this make the body stronger to fight diseases and pressure, it makes the mind happy and free of tensions.

#17. Getaway to Pauri

things to do in rishikesh tour

A little further off route, Pauri’s picturesque locations won’t let you leave Uttarakhand without visiting this place.