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2 Cousins, Patna in Bihar and in Scotland | The Historic Story

2 Cousins, Patna in Bihar and in Scotland | The Historic Story

Like Kochi in Japan, what about a Patna in Scotland!

Thousands of miles away from Patna, the capital city of Bihar (India). Now, most of us might not have any idea about the Patna in Scotland, everyone is aware of its India connection. Let’s know about it.


India’ s Patna is quite large in size, populated while Scotland’s Patna is a very peaceful place with few schools, shops, malls, Hospital and some cake shops and a playground.


Patna (Scotland) a small village but well developed and well literate village. We should also visit there to experience the new Patna of India can say. Small but beautiful with natural beauty, rivers meadows, Golf club, Patna Church etc.


Bihar schoolchildren might not know about this Patna which in in Scotland but they know well about this Patna.


They have been thought about a Patna situated on the bank of the Ganga on which there’s a big bridge called the Mahatma Gandhi Setu.


They also know the dance forms and songs of India, and they are eager to visit Bihar’s Patna.


Historical connection

In 1802, Patna in Scotland was found by William Fullarton and named after its namesake in India where he was born.

Fullarton was in the service of the East India Company as a surgeon at Fort William which is now located in Kolkata. He returned back to Scotland in 1770.


In 1802, Fullarton established Patna in order to provide housing to the workers on the coalfields of his estate.

Patna in East Ayrshire lies between the villages of Polnessan and Waterside, and the River Doon flows through it. A secondary school ‘Doon Academy’ is located in the nearby village of Dalmellington.


There are two bridges within the village used as vehicle and pedestrian crossing points over the River Doon.

These bridges are known as the ‘ol brig’ and ‘new brig’ among the local people.


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