2019- Best place to celebrate new year’s eve in the world

What should We do on New Year’s Eve?

This is the very first question strike in our mind, what should we do? When we plan to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

As per trends, always go for such a place where you have never been before. This will not only give you a change but also gives you a better experience than getting a waste of money in fancy clubs, loud sound parties, or unexpected crowd.
In my concern, always try to do something out of the packed box.

At least, after this, you have good memories to tell your friends.
New Year’s celebration is celebrated just once a year, so it really means a lot for everyone, this is above religion festival celebration.

Many travel destinations offer a great range of activities, night long parties, fun, epic firework displays, disco, cocktails, meals, desserts and many more. New-year celebrations are new kind of cultural traditions.

If you want to plan to celebrate this new year festival, this is the right time for the same, plan early for hassle-free celebrations with your loved ones. So let the countdown begins for midnight bell.

Here are the top must going places to celebrate New Year 2019.

#1. Goa, India

Goa New Year Celebration

Goa New Year Celebration

Goa is, India’s all in one kind of place for celebrations. It is poky in late December to mid-January for the celebrations.

What’s special about New Year at Goa?

First of all, the weather is like spring at Goa, A lot of striking dancing beats on the beach with lots of light-skinned tourists and booze, lots of cocktail, mocktails and drinks to enjoy and freshen up with. You can enjoy the whole night seeing fireworks and celebrations happening around the city.

The flamboyant and the wildest celebrations are centered on the Anjuna while the most intimate parties can be experienced down south at the Palolem.
Drink, dance and party hard to best enjoy the New Year’s Eve celebration and must to do things in Goa.
Where to stay?

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#2. London, England

New Year Celebration, London

New Year Celebration, London

London is one of the best hosts of New Year’s Eve celebration Party during the New Year.

Light up chit and several highly decorative places across the capital will come up with to ensure that your New Year’s Eve in London is an unforgettable one.

Lots of attractions are waiting for you, wish to get a close view of the fireworks but don’t have a ticket than The Cannon Street and the Monument areas of the London city can be a good choice of place, Party Lounge, Street Party, and many more attractions. Be a part of New Year’s Eve river cruise or enjoy a romantic dinner at one of those sky-high restaurants in the city, and enjoy a panoramic view of a beautiful city.

You can’t afford to miss the marching parade and procession of Queen’s horses
Is a must Things to do.

#3. Bahamas

New Year Celebration, Bahamas

New Year Celebration, Bahamas

Most of the people prefer to enjoy in the Bahamas. One of the most tranquil and romantic beaches and the best place to rejoice New Year celebrations in the world turns extreme wild on the night of December 31st.

The vicious parties in the Bahamas are full of all extreme level of party ideas. Parades, masquerades, informal beach are gatherings and raising the nightlong fireworks.
The party in the Caribbean is a wild merger of cultural folk and traditional parties.
There you can’t miss Junkanoo Parade.

#4. Paris, France

New Year Celebration, Paris

New Year Celebration, Paris

The city of lights, Paris, actually has many ways to say Bonne annéel. Those who got a chance to be in Paris to welcome the New Year, there are lots of special things about New Year.

The ‘City of Lights’ displays its most friendly and romantic colors to bring in the New Year.

To be part of watching the incredible fireworks and the light show display at the most iconic landmark of Paris, the Eiffel tower, Celebrating at the Champs-Elysées and Montmartre’s Sacre Coeur plaza are more memorable attractions to do in Paris.

In Paris, you can’t miss River cruise ride on the Seine River, private romantic dinner, and musical nights onboard.

#5. New York

New Year Celebration, New York

New Year Celebration, New York

New York is one the Best Places for New Year’s party celebration; give in return the extraordinary attractions and unique night scene.

New York City might not be a place for everyone due to money concern but the city decorated on New Year’s Eve has an atmosphere is something unique.

From Many years at the time of New Year’s Eve celebration, millions of people around the globe gather at the Times Square area to see several renowned musicians, D.J. and the ball drop, this is the main attraction of New York in New Year eve.

Here, a ball weighing approx. 12,000 pounds that are 12-foot-wide is sloped down from top of the ‘Times Square’ making it one of the most desirable attractions for everyone.

You don’t miss the Countdown ticks, while the outstanding 12 footballs are dropped from a flagpole over the Times Square building.

Book a lavish reservation in one has the fashionable bar or restaurant overlooking the Times Square and enjoy the local cuisine elegances. Take a night boat ride with your loved ones on the New York Harbor to catch a sightseeing of the midnight fireworks display near the ‘Statue of Liberty’ Island is another awesome thing to do in New York.

#6. Bangkok, Thailand

Beautifully Bangkok

Beautifully Bangkok

Bangkok is a most lively international city that has always been recognized to put magic in the best New Year’s Eve Parties.

The metropolis local lied as well as the tourists across the globe come together to be a part of in Asia’s best New Year’s Eve celebration.

‘The Central World Square’ that is always full with the crowd during New Year time. Enjoy laser light shows; video screen projections and live concerts are conducted, be a part of mesmerized midnight fireworks in the sky, when the New Year eve final counting starts.

You can’t miss joining outstanding colorful laser light dancing show, live concert, and video screens showing and many more.

There are lots of things to do in Bangkok, Join the New Year party in one of the lively beer gardens or in any happening clubs of the city, do dance and enjoy oneself. You can arrange a romantic dinner at one of the standard rooftop eateries in Bangkok with a panoramic view of the city.

Taking part of in the New Year’s countdown can head to Asiatique.

#7. Barcelona, Spain

New Year Celebration, Barcelona, Spain

New Year Celebration, Barcelona, Spain

Save your party amount for the party capital of Spain, which is one of the best places to celebrate this New Year’s Eve 2019

What’s special about New Year?

At the time of New Year’s evening, each and every street, the whole city is decorated with lights, everywhere you feel the festiveness.

Visit the ‘Barceloneta Beach’, where are the fireworks showing light up in the sky. To get the best site view, you must try to find a spot near the marina bay.

You can do things in Barcelona, head over to the Plaza Reial, Plaza Catalunya and Las Ramblas where locals conduct any number of street parties which start from late evening and last up to the midnight.

Locals and tourists both are sipping the champagne while New Year countdown of the minutes and seconds until the New Year is going on. The nightclubs, bars and the restaurants in Barcelona conduct special events to celebrate the New Year eve.

#8. Edinburgh

New Year Celebration, Edinburgh

New Year Celebration, Edinburgh

Be the part of myriad New Year’s Eve party, live shows and concerts and colorful fireworks at the capital of Scotland.

Each year more than lacks of people from around the globe come together to be the part of 3 days long New Year’s Eve party at Edinburg. This is kind of festival there.

The celebration starts on 30th December where thousands of party animal carry light torches while marching from the Parliament Square to Calton Hill at the place where the whole sky is set shines with fireworks.

Dog sledding race and the Loony Dook parade, can’t be miss by you
Things to do
A lot of live music concerts, ceilidhs, and theatre shows are organized during this time, You can attend either one or all of these, must do things at this lively place.

# 9. Reykjavik

New Year Celebration, Reykjavik

New Year Celebration, Reykjavik

Each time of New Year’s Eve, Reykjavik receives lots of footfalls during the celebration.

Witness the best fireworks view and the beautiful panoramic view of the city and party hard with locals.

The Golden Circle where one can spot stunning auroras at midnight.
From the time of Christmas celebration, all parks and waterfalls, which are decorated as part of the other attractions in the city, those tourists are usually like to visit.

Things to do there is, join live concerts and events and City Theatre, National Theatre of Iceland Harpa and visit Nordic House.

#10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

New Year Celebration, Rio de Janeiro Carnival

New Year Celebration, Rio de Janeiro Carnival

The beautiful capital of Brazil ‘ Rio de Janeiro’ has so many offers to you at the time of the New Year’s Eve celebration. Here you can enjoy myriad of live shows, concerts, and vents.

The New Year’s Eve carnival celebration is something that is broadly known. Samba Dance, Beautiful attires, music, people, culture all are waiting for you.
Copacabana Beach is host to all party animals and the largest New Year’s Eve Parties too. Each year it receives footfall of more than 2 million people.

You don’t miss, Live musical shows and concert at the oceanfront stages and colorful fireworks display at midnight.

Things to do in Rio are the part of New Year’s Eve 2019 celebration at Copacabana beach which involves tossing flowers as a gift to Yemanjá (Goddess of Seas), and the colorful fireworks display that perfects the scene.

#11. Hong Kong

New Year Celebration, Hongkong

New Year Celebration, Hongkong

Be a part of the spectacular views of the New Year’s Eve celebration in the frenetic and intense Hong Kong.

Every passing year, the firework display of Hong Kong grows impressive and extravagant, captivated and admired by you.
Must to be a part of New Year’s Eve celebration, participate in evening activity. Tsim Tsa Shui’s Avenue of Stars is also can be the place to celebrate your New Year.
You don’t miss the celebration carnival at the Victoria Harbour

#12. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Year Celebration, New Orleans

New Year Celebration, New Orleans

New Orleans the capital city of Louisiana hosts some of the most phenomenal parties in United State and leaves you speechless by their uniqueness.

If you want to experience the New Orleans this New Year’s Eve, then get ready for best fireworks displays of New Orleans, which allure to you by many ways.

Head to be a part of the kaleidoscope of colors cascading over the Mississippi River. The whole color show duration for 15 minutes and is a highlight of the city New Year’s celebration with full of energy.

Dance your heart out in one of the chic clubs with your cocktails must to do things in New Orleans. You can even do some bar hopping here.

#13. Melbourne, Australia

New Year Celebration

New Year Celebration

Considered as the best city to be the part of the celebration of New Year’s Eve, with lots of fireworks in the sky.

Australian city Melbourne charms million peoples to its elaborate New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Melbourne anchors two official firework displays that are both overwhelmed by tourists and locals in large numbers.

A decorated event in the evening is lead at the Yarra Park to kick off the festivities in the city. You can head to the Victoria Harbor to experience the superb laser light shows that paints the entire city in a mix of colorful shades. This is a memorable experience.

Enjoy the stage shows and live acts right from the Federation Square’s, beat the heat on Brazilian samba dance to the acts by the folk musicians across the city must to do things in Melbourne.

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