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    Magical Sunrise of Uttrakhand’s Kaushani Mountain You never See

    Kaushani Mountain

    As we all know that Kausani is also known as Switzerland of India and it mostly because of because of its famous Kaushani Mountain. Kausani a beautiful place which is situated in Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand. Kausani is just 35 km far away from Bageshwar. The high peaks follow your path and entertain you throughout the journey to Kausani.

    When the first glimmer of the sun falls into the snow-crowned Peaks of Himalaya, the golden look of the mountain is such a speechless view, and it will show you the power of moonlight and get crazy when you see it on full moon night. Kausani has the power to mesmerize you on each and every corner of the village.

    This small village is fulfilled by the blessings of three rivers ie., Kosi, Gomti, and Ramganga. Here you can enjoy the scenic natural beauty, meadows and Himalayan peaks like Panchachuli, Nanda Devi, Trishul, and all these are crowned by snow which will touch your heart and give you tons of happiness.


    Also See- Popular top 10 activities to do in Mussoorie

    Thrishul, it is a group of three mountain peaks of Himalaya. The height of Trishul is about 7000 meters and above. As Trishul is the weapon of Lord Shiva, the structure of these peaks are just like Trishul, this is the reason it is known as Trishul.

    The clear view and snow-capped Peaks of Himalaya reach its peak of perfection by God. Mahatma Gandhi also complimented this place for the beauty of this village. This range plays with you in the cloudy day.

    The village is small but you can enjoy here at Tea Estate of Kausani, and also Lakshmi Ashram. You can buy some homemade item and Herbal tea. This is much better than yours branded one. You should try and I bet you that you never forget the taste.

    And It is a marvelous hill station for those who love nature. Even you can do many activities like meditation, yoga etc. Because this place contains the perfect quantity of those ingredients which are important to do these activities.

    The other side of this place is spirituality plus thrill, you can visit Rudradhari Caves and waterfall by going through a trekking way. The way is full of thrilling things, like a dense pine forest and also many insects and leeches, from which you have to be careful.

    If we talk about the climate, the climate is as tremendous as the Kausani. In monsoon, it is lil bit scary and slippery but you’ll enjoy here with the marvelous view.

    Here are some more beautiful photos of Kaushani Mountain.


    Kaushani Mountain in Kaushani Photo

    Kaushani Mountain in Kaushani

    Now, are you started planning your next trip to Kaushani, here are top reasons to visit kausani.

    1. You get to camp under the stars in Kausani.

    Kausani camping travel destination


    Camping in Kausani is done in unexplored surroundings that give a peace of mind, by keeping you closer to nature’s beauty without compromising on basic necessities. If you’re a peace lover, stargazing, nature walks, and bird watching tours will engage you. Adventure-seekers can indulge in various activities such as mountain biking, rock climbing, and rappelling.

    Best camps in Kausani: Eco Adventure Camp, Padampuri Camps, and Camp Kalsi

    2. It is a quick weekend getaway from Delhi and is blessed with pristine beauty.


    Road to kausani

    Kausani is among the most beautiful weekend getaways from Delhi for people in search of sheer tranquility and pristine natural beauty. The hill station is located in Uttarakhand and has been called ‘Switzerland of India’ by Mahatma Gandhi, owing to stark similarities of the mountainscape. With pine groves strewn through, Kausani is a great place for nature walks. And while you explore the deepest secrets of its woods, you’ll attain sheer tranquility.

    Distance from Delhi: 412 km (9.5 hours)

    And there are many others it’s better you should find out yourself by getting on this beautyfull place.

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    Best top 10 tourist places in Mussoorie:


    Mussoorie, the Queen of Hills, situated on the Shivalik hills of Himalayas. It is about 35km from Dehradun city, which will take 20-30 minutes. A very scenic and panoramic view of Himalaya from the peaks of Mussoorie that will mesmerize you. And Mussoorie is also the hub of adventurous activities. You can do Trekking, rappelling, Paragliding etc.

    But still, here many places where you can enjoy your evening and quality time with someone special. And you know what it is heaven for nature lovers.

    1. Camel’s Back Road: It is a perfect way to a perfect walk on the road. You can enjoy here the sunset and sunrise. It starts from the Library point to Kulri Bazaar. Here you can also do horse ride if you don’t afraid of horses.
    2. Gun Hill: It is famous for the beautiful view of Doon valley and Himalyan peaks. You also can go to the gun point by rope way and enjoy the scenic view of Valley.
    3. Cable Car: You can take a ride from mall road and reach to the peak and enjoy the scenic beauty of Himalyan Range. It’s a thrilling experience when you go from such height by cable car.
    4. Mall Road: A place where you can do shopping, eat street food. Also, there is video game parlor, if you are getting bored then you can go there and enjoy the childhood days.
    5. Kempty Fall: It is such a great experience after seeing this waterfall which is falling from the height. You can spend your whole day here. If the weather is cloudy then it will give an awesome experience and fun
    6. Lal Tibba: It is the very famous spot among the tourist. It is situated at Landour. It is the highest spot of the Mussoorie where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset and sunrise.
    7. Christ Church: To visit this beautiful church you can go between 8 am to 6:30 PM. This Church is built in 1836 by the British community. It is the oldest church in the whole Himalayan range. Christ Church is fully covered with Deodar tree.
    8. Sir George’s House: It is situated 6km from Gandhi Chowk. It is the most visited place and also very famous between the tourist. It is built by Sir George Everest in 1832. Here you can enjoy the panoramic view of Doon valley as well as Himalayan peaks.
    9. Jabarkhet Wild Reserve: This is a place where you can enjoy the bird watching if you are a lover of wildlife than it is for you. The place is fully covered with greenery. Here you can hire a guide to guide you and who will tell you the importance and important things about the reserve park.
    10. Company Garden: So, now I know you were tired after visiting all these places which I have told you above. So you need a soothing place to calm your soul. This garden has many verities of flowers planted to give a vibrant appeal.
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    Rishikesh- Top 5 Destinations every yogi needs to visit:

    Yogis at Rishikesh

    As we all know that today Yoga is very trending in the world. Rishikesh is yoga capital, then you should know the best destinations for Yogies to do Yoga, where no one can interfere while they are doing it because Yogi needs such environment where they can do it peacefully with the soothing environment. The place which is away from the pollution and the noise of vehicles.

    Some places where you can enjoy Yoga…….

    • Parmarth Niketan: This place is very well known between the localities as well as between the foreigners. This ashram attracts the Yogies. It is situated in the mid of the Rishikesh. Where the Holy Ganga spreads the positive vibes. You can join the courses here and learn who to live a better life. When you leave the place, can find some new change in you, and you really miss the place.
    • Sivananda Ashram: This the place where people come and meditate. Many of Yogies come here and read the books from the book house. The maximum part of the book house is full of written by Swami Sivanand’s book on Divine life, Yoga, Art of living etc. This ashram is situated on the Bank on Holy Ganga.
    • Yoga Niketan: This Ashram is founded by Swam Yogeshwaranand Paramhans. It is a place where you can even stay and do your Yoga sessions. Here you can meditate at meditation hall and now the new thing is that they are providing the Yoga Teaching and Training.

    From many places people come and join the free yoga sessions here and enjoy the art of living here. It will give you an unforgettable moment because when you come and join the session you learn as well as make a new family.

    • Swami Dayanand Asharam: This is another place for doing yoga. This asharam is situated on the bank of Holy Ganga. Here you can find a library where more than 5000 books titled on the various subject like on Yoga, Sanskrit, Philosophies, Religion etc.

    Here a beautiful Shiva temple facing Ganga. Even you can do free yoga sessions which are organised by the Ashram on every weekend.

    They also provide room facility only the thing is you have to cook your food on your own.

    • Osho Ganga Dham Ashram: Osho Ganga Dham Ashram is founded by Osho for divine energy and for peace of mind. The ashram is on the Badrinath road on the bank of Ganga river.


    Yogis can do meditation and yoga practice. The ashram organises these activities throughout the year. Most importantly Yogies can stay here with all the facilities like rooms, food and other facilities.


    These are some Asharams which is famous among the most of the yogis. All Asharams are covered by the Himalayan Range and also all are situated at the bank of Ganga. The all provide accommodation facilities to those who want to join their courses.

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    Top 10 things to do in Rishikesh

    ganga arti

    We all know that Rishikesh is famous for Yoga and it is also called Yoga Capital of World. Rishikesh has so many names like – The land of God and The adventure capital of India etc.

    Every year the International Yoga happens in which the people of 23 and above countries came and participate and show their curious nature to learn something new in Yoga.

    The top 10 activities you can do in Rishikesh which is related to Spiritual and Adventurous….

    Let’s begin with the Spirituality.


    • Ganga Arti: Rishikesh has two sides, one is Spiritual and another one is Adventurous. Ganga Arti as you know it is very famous and also it gives some positive vibes to the environment and also gives you a calm mind.
    • Yoga: You can join free Yoga sessions here. Many Ashrams organise these Yoga sessions each and every weekend to spread the knowledge and awareness about it.
    • Ayurvedic Massage and Therapies: As we know that Ayurveda means Life Science. And when you take it as therapy, it will increase your life time and rejuvenate your body. Ayurvedic massage and therapy give you lots of benefits with glowing skin too. In Rishikesh, there are so many such therapy centres where you can have that opportunity to give your body and mind a touch of rejuvenation.
    • Meditation: Rishikesh means Yoga and meditation as it is a Yoga capital, these are the inseparable soul of this city. Here you can find many yoga and Meditation centres. Where you can enjoy them. Even you can go to the Goa beach which is a famous place between Yogies to do Yoga and Meditation.

    Now we come to the Adventurous side of the Rishikesh

    • White water rafting: It is very popular in Rishikesh, and if you missed it then it means that you did nothing. Your whole trip is incomplete without this. What story you’ll tell your friends and family. Right!! This is one of the best things to do in Rishikesh.
    • Bungee Jumping: If you are adventure seeker then Bunge Jumping is the activity which you can do in Rishikesh with friends. It feels like you kiss the gravity losing yourself in the air from a height of 100mtrs above the ground.
    • Cliff Jumping: yet another adventure activity is cliff jumping, it will thrill you, imagine you are jumping from the cliff and then you are in the air for a couple of seconds and then touch the chilled surface of Ganga. The average height of cliffs is 20-30 meters.
    • Body Surfing: It is the another chilling experience, letting loose yourself in the chilled water of Ganga. It is very easy and also a fun activity.
    • Trekking: Here you can do all levels of Trekking. From easy to expert levels of Trekking. You can choose the trekking way like from water falls trekking, Neelkanth Mahadev Temple Trekking, Kunjapuri Trekking etc. All these are very famous trekking in Rishikesh.
    • Camping and Bonfire: It is very soothing experience in Rishikesh when you join the camping and bonfire which is arranged during the night.

    All these adventurous activities can be done under the supervision’s instruction, as all the activities are adventurous as well as dangerous too.

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    Why travel is important


    Travelling for me is same as writing. It gives us so many things to reminiscent. Some motivational stories which we can tell to others, which inspire others to tackle the situations like I did. Travelling gives us the knowledge about the new culture, yummy food, sometimes history.

    Travelling is most essential part of our life, although it is for business purpose or for any other reason.

    Travelling has the power to change you like little else can. It will put you in places that will force you to care for issues that are bigger than you. You will begin to understand that the world is both very large and very small.

    In today’s world, no one has time to spare for you. All are busy in their life. So you are the only person who is going to take the responsibility of yourself to give cheerfulness. It’s not like you go to nearby places and come back in evening ugh, please. Take time, pack your bag and fly far away.

    Many of us believe that it’s too expensive and argue that they can always travel later in life. Some suggest that it hinders career advancement. Don’t make excuses and find the balance of travel that’s right for you. Take every opportunity to make that travel an important value in your life. Go and explore the new things in life, visit exotic destinations. Dream big and just travel.

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    Popular top 10 activities to do in Mussoorie

    Mussoorie is a place which is covered with lots of greenery and Himalayan peaks. So many adventures activities you can do and never get bored. Here I am going to tell about those activities which will thrill you.

    Sooo, top 10 excellent activities which you can do in Mussoorie.

    1) Trekking: it starts from Lal Tibba and Gun Hill which will enough to please your adventurous inner soul. Mussoorie is also a base camp for many famous treks in Uttarakhand, some of the famous treks like the valley of flowers, Dhanoulti etc.


    2) Yamuna bridge, Mussoorie- Want a peace full place, then this is the best place for you. Fresh and crystal clear Yamuna gushes her way through a wide valley. It is 27km from Mussoorie. Also, you can enjoy rafting if you don’t afraid of white water.


    3) Van Chetana Kendra- It is located 4 km away from Mussoorie, where you can enjoy watching lots of species of birds, deer, Himalayan Peacock. I am sure it would be fascinating for those who love to explore the flora and fauna.


    4) Himalayan Adventure Institute: It is situated at Kempty fall, and also a paradise for those who love to do adventurous activities. Here some activities like rock climbing, rappelling, and river crossing etc which will thrill you.


    5) Cable Ride: From Mall road to gun Hill, which will mesmerise you with the stunning scenery of Mussoorie. It would be an awesome and also thrilling experience when the day is clear. You can easily watch and enjoy the beauty of the hills and also can get a good view of several peaks like Bandarpunch etc.


    6) Zip Line Sky Trek-All of us wanted to become like Superman or wanted to become like a superman. So here is the opportunity to fly like the Superman. Zip line Mussoorie organise the activity at the Mussoorie Adventure Zone.


    7) Mussoorie Adventure Zone: Awesome place for those who like to do adventures activities. They have nice verities of adventurous activities and the cool weather makes it a fun place to have a good time.


    8) Jabarkhet Wildlife Reserve: This place should come in your must go list. It makes you realise the importance of forest and wildlife. The view from the flag hills is really beautiful. If you are lucky and the weather is clear, then you can also the enjoy the view of Bandarpuch and a range of mountains from the flag hill top.


    9) Winter Line Carnival: This carnival happens every year on Dec 25 to 30 Dec. Here can enjoy the musical and cultural performance, fun games and other activities. The entire town would bear a festive look during the event and the entire mall road, as well as the shops and hotels, nicely decorated. The carnival attracts people of all ages. It is also one of the successful cultural festivals of Uttarakhand.

    Mountain Biking: Biking in Mussoorie, as well as Dhanaulti and other nearby places, is a great experience. It is all about how much you can dare to ride on the ways of exploring and discovering new vistas of the Himalayan Landscape.

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    Jim Corbett National Park – the wildest of all safari

    Let me tell you first about Jim Corbett…….

    Corbett was a British hunter who spent most of his adult life in India.

    Jim Corbett believed in the conservation of the ecosystem and wildlife, especially tigers. He played a very important role in establishment of the Tiger reserve project in India.

    Firstly, the name of the park was Hailey National Park, which was rechristened afterwards in the honour of the great conservationist and naturalist Jim Corbett

     Because of his dedication and hard work Jim Corbett National Park was chosen as the venue for the inauguration of ‘Save the tigers’ project in India in 1973.


    Let me tell you some history of this park…..

    Jim Corbett National Park is situated in Nainital district of Uttarakhand. This park was established in 1936 as Hailey National Park Jim Corbett National Park and it is the oldest national park in India. But it was renamed as Jim Corbett National park to protect the endangered Bengal Tiger. The park was the first to come under the Tiger Project initiative

    So friends now I am gonna to tell you about the beauty of Nainital which is also called as the Queen of Hills.

    Where the high hills of Himalaya will mesmerize you. Nainital is not a snowiee place but you can see the beautiful snowie Himalaya view with lots of greenery and natural beauty. Here the Naina devi temple is very famous which is also the kul devi of Nainital.

    Now again we’ll come to the point “Jim Corbett National Park”

    As I told you before that it is famous for Bengal Tiger, an animal which is such in bright color with bright orange, yellow and black- grey-white strips in his skin which will give you Goosebumps on your body if you see him closely

    You know what, at Corbett you can commonly see wild animals like – elephant, Langur monkey (black face, long tail), rhesus macaque, peacock, and several type of deer including Chital (spotted deer), Sambars, hog deer and barking deer. There are also crocodiles, the odd-looking Gavial or Gharial, monitor lizards, wild boars and jackals. Leopards (referred to as panthers in India) are occasionally seen buutttttt my friends I’ve never seen a Tiger with lots of arrogance in his eyes, I must tell you that aggggar god ne use bolne ki power de hoti na to socho kya haal hota ek he roars main….

    Chalo suppose  you are going for safari and suddenly a tiger came and shout ki oyeee chal nikal yaha kya dekh raha h with his khatarnaak awaaz….just imagine. 

    Let me do the end of the imaginary story and back to the point, the Jim Corbett National park will provide you to do jungle safari by jeep to watch the beauty of the nature. But what if a big size Elephant run behind your jeep…hahahahhaha





    Jim Corbett National Park has divided into five different tourism zones for better tourism management.



    • Bijrani Zone where you can take entry from “Aamdand Gate”, here the best time to Visit is 15th October to 30th Jun.

    Main attraction – Bengal Tiger, Deer’s, Birds, Wild Boar, Jungle Cat, Martin, Sloth Bear, Langoor, Monkeys etc. Safari options to visit this zone are – Jeep and Elephant safari.

    • Jhirna Zone:Entry from: “Khar Gate”. Only this zone opens round of the year.

    Main attractions: Asian elephant, reptiles, birds, wild boar, deer’s, leopards and Bengal Tigers. You can visit this zone only with open jeep.

    • Durgadevi Zone:Entry from: “Durgadevi Gate”. Best time to visit 15th Nov to 15th Jun. The zone covers foothill area of Jim Corbett. Safari area and sighting chances are not as good as others, but idle place for bird’s watchers. You can visit this zone only with open jeep.
    • Dhela Zone:Entry from “Dhela Gate”. Dhela is new zone of Corbett Tiger Reserve. It opens for tourists in 2015. It also opens round of the year for tourists.

    Main attractions area wild elephant, Leopard, Bengal Tiger, Jungle Cat, Wild Boar, Deer’s, Hornbill and other bird species, Martin etc. You can visit Dhela zone only with open jeep.

    • Dhikala Zone:Entry from “Dhangari Gate”. Dhikala is the largest safari zone of Corbett Park. Best Time to visit: 15th Nov to 15th Jun.

    Main Attractions: Wild Elephants, Leopards, Bengal Tigers, Crocodiles, Alligators, Golden Mahasheer, Trout, Birds, Wild Boar, Martin, Otters, Jakal etc. You can visit Dhikala zone with Open Jeep, Elephant and Canter (Open Bus).

    • Bijrani Zone:Entry from “Aamdand Gate”, Best Time to Visit: 15th October to 30th Jun.

    Main attraction – Bengal Tiger, Deer’s, Birds, Wild Boar, Jungle Cat, Martin, Sloth Bear, Langoor, Monkeys etc. Safari options to visit this zone are – Jeep and Elephant safari.



    If you are allocentric person then Corbett also invites people for adventure activities like rock-climbing, rappelling, river crossing and slithering. The best thing about being in Corbett is that there is never a dull moment -once you are done with exploring the park you can head to the many interesting places sprinkled in and around Corbett like: Garjia Temple, Kyari Camp, Sitabani Temple, Sitabani Forest Reserve, Bijrani, Dhangari Museum, Corbett Water Falls, and Sunrise Point.


    Corbett has been a haunt for tourists and wildlife lovers for a long time. Tourism activity is only allowed in selected areas of Corbett Tiger Reserve so that people get an opportunity to see its splendid landscape and the diverse wildlife. In recent years the number of people coming here has increased dramatically. Presently, every season more than 70,000 visitors come to the park.


    You know the park is blessed with thrilling jungle and breathtaking mountains. It is an awesome place for adventure lovers and wildlife seekers. For adventurers, it has always been a great and fascinating experience to enjoy thrilling activities in Park. Other than the wildlife safari, you also can indulge in many adventure activities like angling, river crossing, fishing, mountain climbing, rippling, trekking, nature walk, jungle drive, bird watching etc…..



    So, friends, I hope you enjoyed a lot after reading this and maybe you are making plans for visiting this place which is situated in the mid of Himalaya range….

    If you are planning, then I am the person who can help you out to give you the best itinerary for the tour…..

    I can also provide you the best packages for your India tour or wherever you want to visit in India.

    My website is.    Uttarakhandleisuretours.com

    You can contact me through my mail id and send me your queries onnnnnn

    [email protected]…….


    And yeesssssss, last but not the least…if you like my post….thn please PLL EEE ESE share it.. invite others and don’t forget to comment……

    Byeeee tc

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    17 Things You Should Try in Rishikesh To make worth your trip

    17 Things You Should Try in Rishikesh To make Worth Your Trip

    Rishikesh, the beginning step to The Himalayas. With spirituality dominating the air around Rishikesh, the mystical town of Rishikesh has become to be known as the Yoga capital of the world; no wonder The Beatles and British monarch visited Rishikesh to meditate too!

    There are tons of exiting things to do in Rishikesh bu people oftel think that this great pleace is only for youga and

    River rafting.

    Rishikesh has become one of the hottest hubs for adventure sports too, water sports being one of the major ones.So Here are the 17 Things You Should do or places to visit in Rishikesh to make your trip worth.


    #1. River rafting

    things to do in rishikesh tour

    River rafting is the thing you should try.(apart from that many people die every year.)


    #2. Aarti at Har ki Pauri Ghats

    things to do in rishikesh tour

    Seeing Ganga aarti at Aarti at Har ki Pauri Ghats will definitely worth.

    #3. Camping

    things to do in rishikesh tour

    This is the best part.You can explore Rishikesh in a diffrent way.

    #4. Rishkund

    things to do in rishikesh tour

    Known as the Pond of Sages, Rishikund is an artificial pond surrounded by steps on all sides.

    #5. Byasi

    things to do in rishikesh tour

    Image source: rishikesh.wildhawk.in

    Rishikesh is abundant with adventure ports, however, they are all in different locations of the town. So the rescuer here is a place called Byasi, about an hour’s drive from main Rishikesh city, Byasi is the hub of all adventure sports, all at one place.

    #6. Osho Ganga Dham Ashram

    things to do in rishikesh tour

    Image source:oshogangadham.org

    Founded by Osho, Indian spiritual guru, and teacher, this Ashram is where you can learn some Osho Active Meditation techniques that can help you think better. You can simply relax and enjoy the lush surroundings or maybe take a walk in the adjoining oasis.

    #7. A dip in the Holy Ganga

    things to do in rishikesh tour

    Image source: loupiote.com

    A trip to Rishikesh can never be complete without a dip the waters of Ganga.

    #8. Vashishtha Caves

    things to do in rishikesh tour

    Image source: shravanam.blogspot.com

    The caves or gufa, named after the sage (rishi) Vashishta (son of Lord Brahma), who mediated here are a popular attraction for people who visit Rishikesh. People meditate here and according to them, find tranquillity.

    #9. Swarg Ashram

    things to do in rishikesh tour

    Image source: wikimapia.org

    Swarg Ashram’s literary meaning is heavenly abode and true to its word, this is a beautiful place amidst the flowing Ganga and the rocky terrain. Apt for meditation, this place has its own aura that transforms you into some other world.

    #10. George Everest House

    things to do in rishikesh tour

    Image source: flickr.com

    People generally hike up all the way through the George Everest Mountain to witness the breath-taking view, and of course the George Everest House, a little minaret. But the view is going to be one of the must-have experienc.

    #11. Neelkanth Mahadev Temple

    things to do in rishikesh tour

    Neelkanth is one other name for Lord Shiva, and this temple is dedicated to him. Situated a little away from Rishikesh, this temple has mythological importance due to the legend that Lord Shiva consumed the poison that emerged after churning the seas. Visit to know more!

    #12. Ananda in The Himalayas

    things to do in rishikesh tour

    If you are the one to splurge on the holiday, this property is for you. This is essentially the converted property of the Royal Palace of Narendra Nagar, where even Lord Mountbatten once resided. They have indulgent packages of international spa therapies and professionals to guide you for the correct yoga asanas.

    #13. Ayurvedic tonics and teas

    things to do in rishikesh tour

    There are a few restaurants in Rishikesh that make up their own herbal teas and tonics using Ayurvedic ingredients and herbs; a must try experience when in Rishikesh.

    #14. Local shopping

    things to do in rishikesh tour

    Just like any other destination, you’ll find many shops here, selling curios, bronze relics, aromatic incenses, and other exotic things. Since this place is flocked a lot by foreigners, prices will be a little exaggerated, nothing a good haggler cannot overcome.

    #15. Meditate to live music

    things to do in rishikesh tour

    Image source: nadyoga.org

    Swarg Ashram offers this group activity where live music plays and you meditate on it. They play different tempos of music for different type. When you calm your senses, light, soft tunes are played and the tempo increases when there is slow movement. All this is bound to increase your concentration power.

    #16. Yogic purification

    things to do in rishikesh tour

    Yogic purification is an activity that takes place at the Swarg Ashram where your body and mind are cleansed from the within and detoxified. Not only does this make the body stronger to fight diseases and pressure, it makes the mind happy and free of tensions.

    #17. Getaway to Pauri

    things to do in rishikesh tour

    A little further off route, Pauri’s picturesque locations won’t let you leave Uttarakhand without visiting this place.

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    Rishikesh, why we call it a Yoga Capital and why you should come to join here.


    Rishikesh, why we call it a Yoga Capital and Why you should come to join here?

    I know that most of you are doing your Diploma or Degree courses from well-known college or University. Today, I am going to tell you about why Rishikesh is a yoga capital and why you should join here.

    In India many students who want to learn yoga, the first name that comes to their mind is Rishikesh. It is not like that Yoga belongs to India only, it is a universal gift which can be accessed by one and all. The only thing required is acceptance.


    Now let me tell you the reason that why we called it Yoga capital.

    • Rishikesh is surrounded by the peaceful and happy Vibes. Rishikesh is covered with beautiful Himalayan Range and the blessing from mother Ganga. Purifies the place and grant an air of spiritual environment.


    • Rishikesh, which also called as the hub of Asharams like Parmarth Asharam, Geeta Bhawan or swarg Asharam etc. Sages and Saints and their life with simplicity can be experienced here, they also provide the Yoga Teacher Training and sometimes they organize the events like Seminars, workshop etc for Yoga. So that people and understand the basics of Yoga and about Yoga.


    • As you know that Uttarakhand is very known place for the pilgrimage, spirituality. So in the Rishikesh where you can find so many temples situated around the town.Here, people visit from the various parts of the world to experience Yoga. Here people can enjoy the Traditional Indian living and how Indian worship and celebrates their festivals based on mythological tales of millions of God and Goddess.


    • Rishikesh is also a paradise for foodies. Here people from various places can find their favourite food. Many cafes which are based on themes like Italian, Chinese etc.. even you can cook yourselves in some cafes’ , if you want to. They just charge you a minimal amount to pay that’s it. In Rishikesh, The Chotiwala, which is a very famous resto, where you can find all kind of India food.


    • As you know that Rishikesh is fully covered with big-big-biiiig mountains and in mid of those mountains the holi Ganga flows. Here you can do many adventurous activities like Hiking, Trekking, rafting etc…


    • Do you know that Rishikesh is also known as gateway to the Char dham. Char dham is four holy temples. On the hills (Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamunotri). Thousands of people attracted every year to Rishikesh for Spritual relief, peace, learn yoga, adventure and to take a dip for salvation. It is beleaved that by meditation in Rishikesh one can get ‘Mokasha’ (liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth) as well as holy dip in the river Gnaga.


    • In Evening beautiful Ganga Arti (Ganga Ceremony) is organised at Parmarth Niketan and Triveni Ghat. Hundreds of people come to witness this Pooja and offer leaf bowls which are filled with flowers and small oil lamps to the goddess. The small floating lamps, river Ganga and auspicious atmosphere creates such a magnificent view and feeling that can attract anyone to join Prayer.



    I hope you like and please feel free to ask your any query. Please comment and share if you find it useful. Thank you….

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    Some important points to know about Asanas in Yoga

    Some important points to know about Asanas in Yoga

    Hello Friends, first of all thank you so soo much for appreciating us regarding our blogs. Today we are going to know about the Asana and the categories of the Asana.

    Asana is one of the eight limbs of classical Yoga, which states that poses should be steady and comfortable, firm yet relaxed helping a practitioner to become more aware of their body, mind, and environment.

    The 12 basic poses or Asanas are much more than just stretching. They open the energy channels, chakras and psychic centres of the body while increasing flexibility of the spine, strengthening bones and stimulating the circulatory and immune systems. Along with proper breathing or pranayama, Asana also calm the mind and reduce stress. With regular practice one can ensure overall physical and mental health and the possible prevention of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and arthritis. In time, performing the poses slowly and consciously, becomes a mental exercise in concentration and meditation.


    12 Basic Asanas   Headstand (Sirshasana) Shoulderstand (Sarvangasana) Plough (Halasana) Fish (Matsyasana) Sitting Forward bend (Paschimothanasana) Cobra (Bhujangasana) Locust (Shalabhasana) Bow (Dhanurasana) Spinal twist (Ardha Matsyendrasana) Crow (Kakasana) Standing forward bend (Pada Hasthasana) Triangle (Trikonasana)


    Asana can be defined as a physical Yoga posture or position that is designed to help master the body and enhance the body’s functions.   Yoga poses are, in essence, Yoga exercises creating strength and endurance, improving circulation and energy flow, cleansing organs and other systems, and expanding muscles and joints. With all these benefits of the Yoga poses, we cannot lose attention to the original purpose of the Yoga pose or Yoga exercise.   Yoga exercises evolved thousands of years ago from the need to create a healthy body in order to move more readily to the state of oneness and realization. When the body is cluttered with stress, tension, and disease, this clouds the mind and the ability to connect with the inner self. The physical freedom attained from the Yoga exercises increases one’s ability to sit with silence and joyful observation.

    The practice of Hatha Yoga (Yoga exercises) can be easily moved into a state of Ego where one drives expectations and goals into the Yoga poses. Rather than connecting with in the Inner Self, the practice of Yoga exercises moves one deeper into the physical reality of disillusion. Western culture has easily turned Yoga exercises into another form of superficial workout routines and, rather than having a holistic connection, many people are moving to a place of obsession with the body and its’ achievements. Asana can be described as a physical state of the body such that the posture moves one into an existence of wholeness and steadiness allowing one to reflect inwards on the entire being.   This state of steadiness involves no goals, no future, and no analyzing.   just observing the how the physical self receives vitality and openness enabling the mind to explore clarity.


    Categories of Yoga poses, Asanas


    The Asanas can be classified or categorized in various ways, depending on the application of the Asanas, usefulness to various physical conditions, level of practice.   Meditative Asanas – Some Asanas are specially for practice of meditation, they provide a firm support to the posture and help maintain the body posture for longer time. These yoga poses regulate the blood flow to the legs and make available more blood in the pelvic region and lower abdominal region. These positions allow the mind to be peaceful and focused. Yogasana like Padmasana (Lotus pose), Siddhasana (Perfect pose), Swastikasana (Auspicious pose) Vajrasan (thunderbolt pose), Samasana (balance pose) etc are called as meditative Asanas. The purpose of this asana is to stabilize the body for advanced practices of Pranayama and Meditation.   Asanas for Improving health – Asanas have a good effect on various systems in the human body, such as Matsyendrasana (spinal twist pose) has a good effect on the digestive system and a good effect on the pancreas for improving the insulin production, Sarvangasana (shoulder stand pose) has good effects on the hormones affecting various endocrine glands particularly the thyroid glands. So the asanas which have a complementary effect on various organs can be classified in this category.

    Yoga for Obesity Yoga for Diabetes Yoga for Hypertension And all other existing…     Relaxing Asanas – Shavasana (corpse pose) and Makarasana (crocodile pose) are relaxing Asanas, which give complete rest to the body and mind.


    Now let’s take a break, I know you all are starving after reading this.
    In my next blog I will describe the above given poses with steps. Till then Bye….Take care…
    And please don’t forget to like..comment and share this. Thank you.


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    Tension releasing Yoga ‘Bhramari Pranayam’. One of the best breathing exercise in Yoga.


    In Sanskrit, Bhramari means a kind of bee. Pranayam means controlled breathing. Hence, during pranayam, the practitioner produces sound which is similar to humming of a bee. That’s why it is also called as Humming bee breathing technique.

    The Bhramari pranayama breathing technique derives its name from the black Indian bee called Bhamari. Bhramari pranayama is effective in instantly calming down the mind. It is one of the best breathing exercises to free the mind of agitation, frustration or anxiety and get rid of anger to a great extent. A simple technique, it can be practiced anywhere at work or home and is an instant option to de-stress yourself.

    The exhalation is this pranayama resembles the typical humming sound of a bee, which explains why it is named so.

    It works on calming the nerves and soothes them especially around the brain and forehead. The humming sound vibrations have a natural calming effect.



    How to do Bhramari Pranayama (Bee Breathing)


    1. Sit up straight in a quiet, well ventilated corner with your eyes closed. Keep a gentle smile on your face
    2. Keep your eyes closed for some time. Observe the sensations in the body and the quietness within
    3. Place your index fingers on your ears. There is a cartilage between your cheek and ear. Place your index fingers on the cartilage
    4. Take a deep breath in and as you breathe out, gently press the cartilage. You can keep the cartilage pressed or press it in and out with your fingers, while making a loud humming sound like a bee
    5. You can also make a low-pitched sound but it is a good idea to make a high-pitched one for better results
    6. Breathe in again and continue the same pattern 3-4 times.



    This is usually done after the warm up at the start of the yoga practice. However, you can practice this later too.

    Variations in Bhramari pranayama

    You can also practice Bhramari pranayama lying on your back or lying on your right. While practicing the pranayama while lying down, just make the humming sound and do not worry about keeping your index finger on the ear. You can practice the Bhramari pranayama 3-4 times every day.



    Benefits of Bhramari pranayama (Bee Breath)

    • Gives instant relief from tension, anger and anxiety. It is a very effective breathing technique for people suffering from hypertension as it calms down the agitated mind
    • Gives relief if you’re feeling hot or have a slight headache
    • Helps mitigate migraines
    • Improves concentration and memory
    • Builds confidence
    • Helps in reducing blood pressure
    • Helps calm the mind in preparation for meditation


    Precautions for doing Bhramari pranayama

    • Ensure that you are not putting your finger inside the ear but on the cartilage
    • Don’t press the cartilage too hard. Gently press and release with the finger
    • While making the humming sound, keep your mouth closed
    • You can also do Bhramari pranayama with your fingers in the Shanmukhi Mudra
    • Do not put pressure on your face
    • Do not exceed the recommended repetitions of 3-4 times




    None. Once this pranayama is learnt correctly from a yoga teacher, anyone from a child to an elderly person can practice this pranayama. The only prerequisite is that this pranayama should be done on empty stomach.


    For the correct pose, see the image which I have mentioned above.

    If you find this post knowledgeable or if you have any query regarding yoga or any pose of yoga please comment below. And don’t forget to share this page, and help us to spread out our blog.



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