1 1 Best Extreme Adventure Sports in Dubai

It is next to impossible thing to imagine that you find every need of an adrenaline junkie at one place, where you can kite-surf in warm seawater, desert safari and ski on a snowy slope. Dubai a chic destination and known for its malls, impressive skyline, bars and restaurants, and the unofficial adventure capital of the Middle East.

Experience beyond the city’s Chic Shopping, dining. Explore Dubai’s expanding roster of adventure which will keep you busy bee.

Between October to April, when the climate cools, Dubai offers limitless opportunities for action on land and sea, or in the air.

1. Skydiving

Sky Diving

Dubai, Sky Diving

The top spot on the bucket list on an adventurer and one of the most enjoyed activities in Dubai. Extremely stunning and breathtaking experience, imagine!! You will be jumping out of a plane at a height of approximately 4500 meters and jump down onto the city of skyscrapers and the stunning Dubai landscape. For some, the best way to experience these chic landmarks is by jumping out of a Cessna and tumbling toward them at hellish speeds. Jumpers can take off from Dubai Marina with an instructor, fall out of the plane above the Palm Jumeirah for an instant free-fall adrenaline flash. Once the chute opens its time to calm down and focus on extensive views that unfold as you descend gently toward the purpose-built Palm Drop Zone.

2. Sea Kayaking


Dubai, Sea Kayaking

The coast of the Arabian cape having an excellent sea kayaking arenas, including areas of wetland that seem absurd with the popular desert climate. On the west coast, kayakers can discover nearby mangroves in the emirates of Um Al Quwain and Abu Dhabi, where they can enjoy seeing turtles and flamingos. Over on the east coast is Khor Kalba, a sheltered 1,500-hectare area of mangrove forest that attracts important local wildlife both flora and fauna. White-collared kingfishers and Socotra cormorants, both endangered species, make their home here — paddlers can enjoy with no trouble for half a day gliding around calm waters trying to spot the uncommon bird life. Still, on the east coast, more daring kayakers can use anything between two days to a week travelling around the Musandam coast from Dibba, checking out coves and inlets and camping on cut off beaches.

3. Kite-surfing and wakeboarding

Kite Surfing Dubai

Dubai, Kite Surfing

Chic hotels and Residential real estate occupy huge swathes of Dubai’s city coastline, meaning much of it is in personal hands. One widen of beach that isn’t off limits is in Umm Suqiem, a comparatively calm area of villas in the shadow of the lavishness, sail-shaped Burj Al Arab hotel. In recent years this enclave has become an attraction for wake-boarders and kite-surfers.

4. Off-Road Hatta Mountain Safari

Hatta Mountain off Road

Dubai, Hatta Mountain Safari

Hatta is a local exclave of the emirate of Dubai located high in the Hajar Mountains. Perfect for a day adventure, safaris that take you to Hatta. These off-road mountain safaris will take you to the wild wadis of the Hajar Mountains that stretched out at the back of rugged canyon slopes. You will be driven all the way through the canyons on some of the best off-roading tracks in UAE and taken to striking lagoons that laze hidden in the rocky valleys. These tours will also give you a cultural close into the region, taking you to Hatta Heritage Village and the ancient Hatta Fort.

5. Al Quadra Cycle Trail


 Dubai, Al Quadra Cycling

A haven for pedal-power lover, with some limited opportunities to cycle around in the city, is the perfect destination. To get the true experience of cycling must arrive in the morning when the desert is at its coolest. A perfect 80 km long lined paths to cycle on. The path runs next to the Al Qudra Road for 20 k. The area will be surrounded by mountains of sand on both sides. It’s a win-win situation, you are on your leisure vacation, and side by side you are giving yourself a good exercise or even enjoy an adventurous getaway in the deserts of Dubai.

6. Desert Safari Dubai and Camping


Dubai, Camping under the Stars


Dubai, Safari on Silk Sand

Fasten your belts coz now you are going to take a virtual desert safari! Enjoy 4×4 desert safari – adventure sports in Dubai an awfully popular action amongst tourist, safaris makes an extremely popular choice amongst those who wish to experience life in the desert, with a dash of comfort.  Off the Dubai to Hatta road, Shwaib is a good spot.  Get ready for an evening of barbecuing under the star-rich desert night sky.

7. Dubai Auto-drome


Dubai, City Auto-drome

Driving a supercar is everyone’s dream. At Dubai Autodrome, you can do live your dream; there you can drive at the dedicated race track in your chosen car. Some of the cars that you can get to drive at the Auto-drome are the Audi R8, Lotus Evora, Audi TT, the McLaren MP4-12C and even a track-only Formula DXB. An experience at the Dubai Auto-drome will contain an expert session on handling the car prior to you to drive for yourself. Dubai Auto-drome also has a split area with an indoor-outdoor circuit dedicated to karts that deliver an excellent racing experience.

8. Fly Jet-Boarding

Water jet Boarding

Dubai, Hydro Jet

Fly Jet-Boarding is one of the exclusive and extreme sports to hit the coasts of Dubai. Fly Jet-boarding consists of a board with a tube that is attached to a Jet Ski engine. The engine pumps water out of the tube at a huge force, allowing one to push into the air at heights of 10 meters and above. While you’re in the air, the board can be controlled using hand controls or even distributing your weight accordingly. The arrangement lets you fly just like Ironman Style!

9. Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Balloon

Dubai, Romantic Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Ballooning in Dubai adventure has seen its footprints grow gradually in the past few years. Now, a favourite leisure amongst those visiting in Dubai, hot air balloon rides have gradually seen their attractiveness rise from an activity for the lenient to an activity that anyone can participate in. Usually organized in the desert. The moderate flatlands, surging surfaces and calm winds make for perfect hot air ballooning circumstances. Away from the capital, the vast expanse of desert land makes for a dramatic and beautiful landscape. Flying 4,000 feet high above the desert ground gives one an incredible vantage point to view desert on one side and the Persian Gulf on the other with the chic Dubai in between.

10. Fat Tyre-Biking

Fat Type Biking

 Dubai, Fat Tyre Biking

Trip on a ‘fat bike’ and negotiate the desert like never before! The name ‘Fat-Bike’ suits it well, specially designed bikes to handle the rough land of the Desert. The fat profiled tyres prevent the bike from tumbling into the soft sands. These Fattie bike tyre excursions allow you to explore the vast, gentle rolling dunes of the desert that surrounds Dubai and negotiate through them with ease.

11. Sand-boarding


 Dubai, Sand-Boarding Adventure

Without of the box thinking, the natural and smooth inclines of land that are allowing a board to slide down with adequate speed under the strength of gravity can only be set up in tall sand dunes in the desert.

Naturally, this has given birth to the tremendous sport of sand-boarding, and what can be the better place in Dubai to experience this sport other than the sand dunes that surround Dubai.

Just like a snowboard, strap your boots onto a board, and slide down the sand dunes for one of the unique desert’s great sports experience.

12. Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai

Indoor winter wonderland Ski Dubai

Yes, in Dubai you can actually go skiing and have a snowball fight! An indoor winter wonderland Ski Dubai is at the Mall of the Emirates.

With the controlled temperature at -2° C, it is easy to put out of your mind that you’re in Dubai once you walk into Ski Dubai.

With 5 levels of slopes that are different in height and gradient, there is something for everyone.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time in snow or professional one, visitors of all skill levels can enjoy the slopes.

The longest run here is that slopes over 60 meters in height and 400 meters long.