Diner in the Sky Bangalore Hanging Restauran

Can you Dine in the Sky-Bangalore Hanging Restaurant

Imagine a long table where diners are seated for Dinner in Bangalore Hanging Restaurant. Have a chic setup, being lifted by a crane, and high enough to make you stunned with breathtaking views of Nagawara Lake.

A fly Dining restaurant in Bangalore, or say a hanging restaurant in Bangalore is a new chic concept of dining experience in town.

Now the question raises that in your mind that how will the crane lift you? How many diners are hosted at a time? Price? Blah blahblahEtc.…

So, let’s check out all answers for adrenaline junkies.

Stayed at the height of 160 feet or 16-17 stories high building. The tables around 360 degrees, and enjoy the aerial view of Hebbal’sNagawara Lake.

About many Diners can enjoy at a time, how they will serve you-

So, the restaurant can host 22Pax diners at a time, you can book it for your group or you can go, individual, if your better half is scared of height.

For the serve, there will be 4-5 staff members to host you including chefs, a bartender, and a photographer, now that would be the good thing that you don’t have to keep your phone all the time with you to click pictures and selfies.

No doubt it is one of the best restaurants in Bangalore with the essence of height and yes best adventuring experience for Adrenaline Junkies in Bangalore hanging restaurant.

Complete dining at Bangalore Hanging restaurant is not prepared live; they are only served in the sky. This is very important that Flying Dining is less about having food; it is more about the adrenaline junkies’ adventure.

The Mocktail season time is only for 30 minutes, while the dinner timing is for an hour.

Can you Dine in the Sky-Bangalore Hanging Restaurant

A set Menu is followed at the fly dining restaurant in Bangalore.

For dinner menu smoky grilled chicken (or sautéed vegetables) with herbed rice, croquettes and bruschetta, one fruit bowl, and lavish Mocktail.


The whole concept was lain on in Chandigarh by CCPL Hospitality back in 2008 and is currently available in over 40 countries across the world.

“All equipment, crane, has been arranged from Germany and maintained by TUV Rheinland. Every guest is buckled up for safety, while safety harnesses safeguard used by the standing crew at all times. Even for those who have an Acrophobia, this experience is a pleasant one for you, as the deck is safe with three safety belts attached to the chairs.

Price list of Bangalore Hanging Restaurant per Pax:

A Mocktail session is priced at Rs3999 only per person

Dinner service costs Rs6999 only per person (inclusive of taxes).

Are not allowed/Not to do things –

Pregnant women and children below 14 years of age are prohibited from going on to the deck.

4 feet 5 inch (135cm) minimum height is required to go inside in Fly Dining while there are no weight restrictions.

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