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    Top 10 things to do in Rishikesh

    We all know that Rishikesh is famous for Yoga and it is also called Yoga Capital of World. Rishikesh has so many names like – The land of God and The adventure capital of India etc. Every year the International Yoga happens in which the people of 23 and above countries came and participate and […] More

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    Why travel is important

    Travelling for me is same as writing. It gives us so many things to reminiscent. Some motivational stories which we can tell to others, which inspire others to tackle the situations like I did. Travelling gives us the knowledge about the new culture, yummy food, sometimes history. Travelling is most essential part of our life, […] More

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    Popular top 10 activities to do in Mussoorie

    Mussoorie is a place which is covered with lots of greenery and Himalayan peaks. So many adventures activities you can do and never get bored. Here I am going to tell about those activities which will thrill you. Sooo, top 10 excellent activities which you can do in Mussoorie. 1) Trekking: it starts from Lal […] More

  • 2 Cousins, Patna in Bihar and in Scotland | The Historic Story
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    2 Cousins, Patna in Bihar and in Scotland | The Historic Story

    Like Kochi in Japan, what about a Patna in Scotland! Thousands of miles away from Patna, the capital city of Bihar (India). Now, most of us might not have any idea about the Patna in Scotland, everyone is aware of its India connection. Let’s know about it.   India’ s Patna is quite large in […] More