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International winter Destinations outside India 2018-2019

It is everyone’s dream to spend some time as vacations into winters, but most of us are confused where to go in these winter vacation.

Traveling abroad is not as costly as it seems to be. If planned well, in advance and done thorough research on how you want your trip to fit your budget in these winter 2018-2019, it will cost as much as a decent trip in India when you buy.

Check out these chic winter places of 2018-2019 to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

#1. Dubai

Dubai Fountain

One of the most Luxe and chic winter destination for the TrendyExplore ’s Luxury Lovers. Famous for its architecture, malls and stylish shopping, Dubai is the Mecca for adrenaline junkies.

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#2. Thailand

experience and explore one for real

Experience and explore one for real

You love gorging on all those Thai curries. Why not stay at the place and experience and explore one for real?

The best place forever one, and this is because of some chic reasons-

The airfares to Thailand are cheap and the stay options to purchase are not too costly. In Thailand, people are openhearted and you can get countless stuff at budget prices.

If you can’t do the whole nation than visiting just a few key locations during your winter trip.

#3. Sri Lanka

boasts of countless tourism

boasts of countless tourism

Our Southern neighbor boasts of countless tourism at extremely affordable Luxe-winter holidays. The place is as ethnically rich as India and is great for Mother Nature lovers as there are many zoos and scenic locations.

#4. Maldives

The Maldives

The Maldives

A popular honeymoon destination for Luxury lovers, Maldives is a good place to visit in winter, if you want an international location teeming with Luxe-Life.

Well-known for its water sports activities and beaches, Maldives is heaven for seafood lovers. You can choose to stay with one of the locals for the complete experience.

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#5. Singapore


One of the most gorgeous men made countries, Singapore has a lot to offer in terms of everything like nature, culture and cuisine, modern and stylish structures and architecture, monuments and beaches. This is must go place in this coming winter.

A small country and populated, you will get a slightly Luxury feel with TrendyExplore.

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#6. Malaysia


Another favorite winter destination, Malaysia is beautiful and the warmth of the people there will astonish you.

There are numerous national parks in Malaysia along with beaches teeming with marine life.

And the silly town nightlife will leave you wide-eyed!

This is the perfect combination of peace and crazy with TrendyExplore.

#7. Bangkok

Beautifully Bangkok

Beautifully Bangkok

A haven for shopaholics, visit here only for the shopping experience and lots of shopping with having crazy street-side food.

The ladyboy shows will leave you astonished and you will be left amazed at the elegance and skill with which they dance.

One of the best winter destinations which are must be in your bucket list, plan your trip with TrendyExplore and you can get it all done in the Luxury way.

#8. Myanmar



Neighbors country of India, Myanmar is a great destination to visit in winter, if you’re tight on budget and short time vacation.

Filled with monuments and pagodas, Myanmar’s beauty lies in its simplicity.

#9. Lebanon



However, winter is not the best time to visit Lebanon but you should not ignore this place as a tourist destination.

Lebanon has so much to offer in terms of sight, culture and food and you can perhaps make the most of it at a later, safer date with Luxury TrendyExplore.

#10. Seychelles



This glamorous island in the Indian Ocean is still not so commercial and is unknown to many of us.

A perfect retreat for the chic beach-lovers, a trip to Seychelles will not set you back.

Though August is preferable the best time to visit the place, you can visit it at other times in the year and get a Luxe-deal too.

#11. Hawaii



The most costly part of this trip would perhaps be airfares.

Hawaii is all about the sunny sun, the shiny sand, and the surf. You can lose yourself in the striking locations with crystal flawless beaches and coral reefs that will make you do a double-take underwater trip, all mesmerized you with TrendsExplore luxe deals.

#12. Vietnam



Not viewed as a tourist destination by so many tourists, Vietnam is a gem of a place.

It has everything from craggy sceneries in the Northern regions to certain tropical islands. You will also get to eat a lot of bizarre and exotic food, especially different types of sea-foods.

#13. Cambodia



Famed mainly for Angkor Wat, Ancient Sun temple, there’s a lot more to Cambodia than just the inheritance site.

The little villages will afford you a glimpse into the Cambodian lifestyle and there are even mountains to scale for the courageous traveler.

#14. Bhutan



Perfect for a short international adventure trip, Bhutan has loads to offer in terms of culture and Buddhist monasteries.

Since Bhutan is situated in a hilly area, trekking and other activities are also popular here. If you have time than club into Bhutan with North East India, An experience we promise you’ll never forget.

#15. Nepal



Wake up to mornings of snow-peaked panoramic mountains and lush greenery with rainbows in Nepal.

The craggy beauty of this place will leave you enthralled. Famous mainly for trekking, there are a lot of local sights to be explored.

The best part is? You can visit Nepal without a passport if you’re an Indian citizen.

#16. China



No, China is not about eating weird insects for lunch and second hand, cut-rate goods. Chinese design of architecture is something to boast about and Shanghai is a treat in itself.

And how can you miss the chance to this Great Wall of China, a monument visible even from space!

#17. Japan



Complimenting a unique and different culture and Japanese castles, this place looks like magic.

The gardens and spiritual sites of Japan will astonish visitors. The fusion variety of cultures lets you explore many religions thoroughly.

#18. Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

The acreage of volcanoes, Indonesia also has some of the largest tropical forests and flora and fauna that will stun you. This is a place for honeymoon couple.

The Indonesian beaches are crystal clear and the blue w

aters are a luxury. Apart from natural scenes, it also offers a lot of Hindu monuments and temples for the sacred.

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#19. Istanbul



Istanbul in Turkey is gradually developing as a tourist destination. Perfect for chic and contemporary Turkish art and shopping, Istanbul also offers a host of monuments and a great culture to explore TrendyExplore.

#20. Iran



Surrounded with monuments and ancient cities, Iran boasts of many museums too.

Though it is not a popular tourist destination, Iranian palaces are enormous and the desert safaris are a must do!

#21. South Korea

South Korea

South Korea

Another unplugged and unexplored destination, which offers a host of UNESCO heritage sites, national parks, treks for the adventure lover and folk villages/temples.

The natural wonders, beaches, and caves are also meant a lot to explore.

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