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Top 12 Kerala Food You Must Try In Your Visit [Non-Veg Included]

This is the best combination if a traveller is a foodie too. And, if you are travelling to Kerala what more could you ask. Kerala food is exquisitely delicious and it would be something that your taste buds cannot resist.

Kerala food is as awesome as the God’s own country and the people here. You have so much to explore the beauty of Munnar, Backwaters of Alleppey (Allapuzha), Kowalam Lighthouse beach and the food of Kerala.

Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are the neighbouring states of Kerala but the cuisines vary in the taste and variety. Regardless of whether you are a vegan or a non-vegan, you will be amazed at the different dishes that you can try.

Kerala, also known as the land of spices has more of non-vegetarians than vegetarians and so you can find the hotels and yes so much to eat.

Mostly Kerala food is cooked with coconut oil and even coconut milk dominating most of the dishes forcing you to fall in love with the cuisine of Kerala.You will find the aroma of chilly, mustard, curry leaves, coconut oil, and coconut chopped, grated

Here is a list of Kerala food-

#1. Puttu and Kadala Curry:


Puttu is a cylindrical steamed cake is one of the favourite dishes of Malayalees and usually, Kerala people prefer it as breakfast. It is backed food, means healthy for health in fact considered to be good for health actually 😉 .

The usual combination for Puttu is Kadala or chickpeas curry. Also, Puttu tastes delicious when served with boiled bananas or bananas and papadam.

2. Dosa with Sambar and Chutney:


SouthIndia food is all time favorite food of mine but dosa Yum yum…It is prepared from fermented rice and lentils. Usually, It is one of the favorite breakfast items. It is served with Onion and Coconut Chutney and Mashed masala potato.

Dosa is served as a breakfast item, you can find it in the menu of most vegetarian hotels for evening snacks and dinner too.

3. Idli Sambar/ Chutney:


Idli prepared from the fermented rice and is usually steamed and has been universally accepted for the health benefits.

Served with the combination of hot steaming sambar and coconut chutney.

Idli Sambar/ Chutney are another breakfast delight in Kerala.

4. Appam and Stew:


Another Kerala breakfast delight. People also savor it as dinner and sometimes for lunch.

Appams are usually had with stew or chicken curry or mutton and even with fish molly.

5. Idiyappam and Egg curry:


It is famous Kerala noodles made of rice flour, salt and water is another Kerala breakfast. It tastes great when combined with egg curry even you can try it with the combination of chicken or mutton curry.

For vegetarians, idiyappam when combined with Kadala curry or potato stew is a great breakfast idea.

6. Ela Sadya:


What else could be a great option other than a feast of different vegetarian dishes for lunch?

A royal lunch that combines a variety of dishes starting from package, kichdi, pulliserry, olan, sambar, varavu, thoran, aviyal, sambar, and what not. The banana leaf served with hot steaming rice will lure you.

Payasam is served for dessert.

If you are a non-vegan you could order for fried fish or chicken fry along side these vegetarian dishes.

7. Spicy Chicken fry also knew as Nadan Kozhi Varthatu:


It tastes excellent when Chicken fried with onion in coconut oil, spices, garlic, and vinegar on a banana leaf. You can have it with chapattis, Kerala Porotta, appam or rice.

Some of the street hotels or thatukadas in Kerala serve Nadan Kozhi Varthatu with Dosa.

8. Kerala Style Prawn Curry:


Prawns curry is one of the specialties of Kerala food.

If you are coming to Kerala, I don’t think you should miss this chance to have it and who does not love praw. The traditional prawn curry is sprinkled with chilly, pepper, salt and then cooked in whole coconut milk and jiggery and then garnished with curry leaves.

Served with Hot steaming rice or chapattis in Kerala Style, Prawn Curry will pull you closer to the land of Spices.

9. Pumpkin and Lentil Stew or Erissery:


Vegetarian cuisines of Kerala in depth, then Erissery should top your list.

Prepared from pumpkin and lentils, this stew is sweet to taste .Erissery is usually served with rice.

It is always a part of Kerala Sadya.

10. Kerala Style Fish Molee:


It is another exquisiteness from God’s own country.

Kudampulli and coconut combined to provide a blend of awesomeness.

11. Nadan beef or Kerala Style beef:


Beef is the favorite of Malayalees. You can never hear a non-vegetarian say no to beef.

And, almost all non-vegetarian restaurants serve beef. Either roasted or cooked in thick gravy it tastes great with Porotta, chapatti or rice.

12. Kozhikodan or Thalaserry Biryani:


This is only for Biryani lovers like me,Kerala biryani. Especially the biryani from Calicut and Thalaserry are something that your taste buds cannot resist for the awesomeness that they offer.

Pazhampori or banana fritters, bonda, unniyappam, bread pakoda, sugiyan, valsan, ela ada, etc. are some of the tea time snacks that are served for tea during the evenings.

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