THE MALDIVES: 12 Things you need to know before going to the Maldives

A beautiful God’s own Paradise is in the Luxurious India Ocean, a scattered collection of atolls known as the Beautiful Maldives Islands.

It’s a chic dream for every couple to go such a place, where no one can bother their quality time than The Maldives is a perfect place for you.

The Maldives is known for over 2000 islands in which some are habited and inhabited. In these islands, some are so small that you’ll have to zoom to see the close view in Google map.

In these exotic islands, you can enjoy scuba diving, swimming, sunbathing etc.,

The Bright sun, white sand beaches, transparent blue lagoons will give a breathtaking lifetime experience. But before you go there to enjoy, keep in mind some important and must follow tip, which might ruin your quality moments.

#1. The Maldives is an Islamic State – 100% per cent Islamic Population

Beautiful people of the Maldives

The Maldives is a 100% per cent Islamic population area so keep in mind that at the festival time like in the month-long holy Ramadan, Eid or any major festival time, you can avoid visiting there.

In that time most of the staff you will be encountering at the airport and resorts will be unable to eat or drink anything during day hours and even many shops and services including on resort islands will be closed at certain times for prayer.

#2. Say No to Alcohol, Bikini and kissing in public areas

Restricted Items

Restricted Items

Since the Maldives is an Islamic country, so you should be aware of some kind of civic rules of Maldives. There are some very important and strictly compulsory rules. No Alcohol, anything that contains alcohol.

Say no to thong bikini or bathing suits or even revealing clothing. No quick kisses, all these are against the law.  While they are a bit more indulgent on clothing restrictions at the airport, we think it’s always an excellent form to be humble when in a foreign country.

#3. Every resort has its own private Island

Own Beach and Island

Private Island

The Maldives is made up of around 1,190 separate islands, scattered across the Indian Ocean, just below India and Sri Lanka. In the Maldives, each resort has their own private Island because most of the Islands are extremely small in size, so you’ll be around the same folks all the time, though you take a day trip of the whole island.

As you are in the Maldives, so you there is a limited number of shops or any entertainment kind of things, or it can be possible that you would not get any entertainment option outside of your resort, so be assured to research your digs well.


#4. Overrated over-water Villas

Overrated water villas

Cool Overwater Villas

They look so stunning and practically incarnate relaxation. However, they are not for everyone. Yes, they do offer scenic and a unique point of view and your own private steps into the ocean, as they are set on the far end of the resort, making them an increment to other facilities and some of them are not that much private, and have moist-smelling bathrooms, and poorly-lit docks that make night-time after-drink a bit scary.

But all depends on you to whether you’d prefer to be a deck over the water or set directly on the tropical seashore.

#5. H2O You are drinking recycled water

Recycled Water

Maldives’s Recycled Water

In the Maldives, most of the water, which you will be drinking is been recycled, treated and produced via conserved osmosis desalination. This process makes the water completely fine and drinkable. Although, the whole process to make the water drinkable takes out all the natural minerals from the H2O, which is quite less beneficial.

#6. Be hydrated all the time


Keep Hydrated yourself all the Time

At the Maldives, unknowingly you are sweating out precious minerals and salts from your body. Since, most the drinking water is less beneficial for the body- you might be slow or not feel satisfied. To keep rehydrated, get some energy drinks and also pick up some rehydration salt pouches from the main airport’s pharmacy.

#7 Banned Items

No Alcohol

Banned Items

Since the Maldives is a strictly Islamic country, there are specific ban items, which you can bring with you. To enjoy a hassle-free vacation at the Maldives, leave the pork items, alcohol, tobacco products, and religious texts and enjoy the unplugged holiday.

#8. Go with Public transportation rather than Flights to resort


Flight from Male to Islands

Honestly, the once in a lifetime views are worth every penny but just 15 Minutes of the journey from the flight will double your budget. To manage this, you can prefer public boats rather than flights.

#9. Marine Life is best

Marine Life

Beautiful Marine Life

At the Maldives, you can have some of the best marine life, both above and below the water. Don’t miss the chance to spot some active pods of dolphins around and know it well that South Ari Atoll is having a year-round population of Whale sharks which are making it one of the perfect point to see them in the world.

#11. Disappearing


Disappearing Islands of Maldives

Disappearing Islands of Maldives

Plan a trip to the Maldives, before it goes disappear. In fact, over 100 islands have already disappeared, and the beach erosion is a big problem in the Maldives. So, don’t be surprised if you see seawalls built around the islands, it helps to break waves to pumping sand back onto land.

#12. Artificial Islands

Artificial Island

Artificial but well-planned Island

At the Maldives, it’s believed that Volcanoes formed most of the islands and some islands are Manmade. Like Hulumale, which is created in 2004 is manmade by dumping loads of sand and concrete to make a proper foundation. Today, no one can say that it is manmade because it looks like a full-fledged town with a city like roads, shops, and housing.

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