Seychelles: Visa On Arrival

Seychelles Visa On Arrival, Seychelles is a visa-free country which means that there are no visa requirements for any persons or traveller wishing to travel Seychelles. Visa is not required to enter into Seychelles, visitors should have a valid passport and other travel documents recognized by the government of Seychelles to gain entry.

The passport must be valid for the period of the intended stay and valid documnets, otherwise arrival back in the holder’s country of origin or residence.

Seychelles International Airport

A visitor’s permit is issued by imigration of seychelles on arrival to travelers visiting for holiday, business, visiting friends or family.

There are some following criteria of documents:

  1. Traveller is not a prohibited immigrant;
  2. Traveller is not a holder of a valid permit which entitles the holder to reside in Seychelles;
  3. Traveller must holds a valid return ticket or ticket for onward travel for the duration of the visit;
  4. Traveller has confirmed accommodation vouchers; 
  5. Traveller has sufficient funds for the duration of the stay (minimum of US$150 or equivalent per day). Imigration officers will ask for cash, show them, If you have credit cards, show them, you may be asked to show for the credit balance you have.
  6. A statement of good health and a statement that you are not importing plants or infected animals. (The flight attendants in your flight will provide you these papers).

Travellers, who visited Seychelles without pre-booked accommodation are likely to be compelled to book one at the airport for the length of their stay before being allowed to leave the airport. An initial entry permit is granted for 30 days, but can be extended for a maximum of 90 days, at a time up to a maximum of 1 year in total. 

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