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Haridwar is a Gateway of Lord…


Enter into Haridwar you’ll see the two hilltop temples one is your left and one is on your right i.e., Bilwa Parwat and Neel Parwat, both are like the Dwar (Gate). At Bilwa Parwat Maa Mansa Devi temple and at Neel Parwat Maa Chandi Devi temple.

Haridwar is a Gateway of Lord, and it is also one of the places where the drops of Amrit was fallen down to earth and since then the Kumbh Mela is celebrated at Haridwar. Millions of Pilgrims, tourist witness this event.

Haridwar is famous for temples to visit in Haridwar explore and the mesmerizing stories behind these temples will always leave you speechless.

temples to visit in haridwar

1. Mansa Devi

This temple is situated on the Shivalik range known as Biwa Parwat and it is dedicated to Goddess Mansa. Many tourists come to visit and they make wishes after tying the tread to fulfill their wishes. As the name means the Goddess who fulfill all the wishes of the devotees. You can go to the temple by cable car/ ropeway or by tracking there.


2. Chandi Devi

This temple is just opposite to Mansa Devi temple and it is situated on the Shivalik hill known as Neel Parwat. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Chandi. The main temple is on the peak of the hill. This is also knowing as the Siddha Peetha, as devotees believe that it has the power to fulfill the wishes. According to ancient stories, it is believed that Goddess Chandika rested here after killing two demons called Shumbh and Nishumbh.  You can go to the temple by cable car/ ropeway or by tracking there.

3. Bharat Mata Temple

This temple is inaugurated by  Smt. Indira Gandhi. This temple is dedicated to Bharat Mata known as Mother India. It has eight stories and each floor contains different stories and dedicated to different gods like the first floor is dedicated to Mother India, the second floor is to Renewed heroes of India and so on. The aim to build this temple is to show the Victory of Mother India.

4. Radha- Krishna Temple

This temple is established in 1999. This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and it is established by Shri Srila Saraswati Thakur. Many of devotees come here and join the chanting of Shri Radhe – Radhe Krishna.

5. Daksh Mandir

As we know that Haridwar is the Gateway to God, while Daksh Prajapati temple is the house of Goddess Parwati. She did long Tapsya to please and marry Lord Shiva. According to legend’s story, Goddess Parwati consigned herself to the flames of the Yagya, after when her father (King Daksha) insulted Lord Shiva.

6. Maya Devi Temple

It is believed that Maya Devi is the Goddess of Haridwar. It is also counted in as one of the Shakti Peeths in India. When Goddess Parvati set her into the fire then Lord Shiva carried her dead body and undertook a tour of the whole universe. People say that the heart and navel of Sati were found here.

7. Bilkeshwar Mahadev Temple

This temple is situated 2 km away from Har ki Pauri and this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is a big tourist attraction towards the Pilgrims. The whole area of the temple is covered with the Shivalik range.

8. Neeleshwar Temple

This is yet another Hindu temple which is dedicated to Goddess Mansa. It is located at the top of the Hill near to Kushvarta Ghat.

9. Sati Kund Kankhal

This Kund is situated at Daksha Mahadev temple. Where Goddess Sati set her into the fire when her father Daksh Prajapati insulted her husband i.e., Lord Shiva. Now, this Yajna Kund is famous as Sati Kund.

10. Pawan Dham Temple

This Pawan Dham is situated at the distance of 3km from main city Haridwar. It very famous for its structure. As it is completely made up of glass work designed on the temple walls.

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